Surf Guide in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Whether you’re traveling to Rincon, Puerto Rico for the first time or come here often you probably want the same thing: perfect waves, light crowds, and to not get hurt. Depending on conditions, there might be several spots going off completely empty while everyone packs like sardines into one peak merely because they don’t know any other option. And true, safety concerns may keep people off certain spots (and rightly so) but if you have someone with you that knows that spot well and can keep you out of harms way, you can have an epic session! As a surf guide we’re able to match the best spot for your surfing ability and skill level. We’re able to get you into to great waves without the worry of the crowd. We always give a full breakdown of the spot from the beach, identify the safety hazards, and give advice about the best spot-specific techniques to catch and surf your best out there. In the water we help you put into practice everything that was explained earlier and help you have a great session. We are available to guide for the entire NW corner of PR including Rincon, Aguada, Aguadilla, and Isabela.

Hire a Surf Guide in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Half Day: 8:30am to 12:30pm Price: $120 Per Person