2019 Lifeguard Training Complete!

2019 Lifeguard Training Complete!

Rincon Paddle Boards Staff Completes Lifeguard Training.

Long before it was a legal requirement for paddleboard and surfing instructors, Rincon Paddle Boards (RPB) staff have been well trained in water safety, lifesaving techniques, CPR and have been certified lifeguards from multiple recognized agencies including the USLA and American Redcross. This past May of 2019, the RPB staff renewed certification as lifeguards, waterfront rescue, and the latest CPR and First Aid certifications. Maintaining those credentials is more than just having an updated piece of paper. Lifesaving is serious and everyone trained HARD to go above and beyond what was required. The course was very physically strenuous and as real to life as possible. Of course, the best accidents are the ones that never happen. Prevention is key, but accidents still happen. This is why in addition to the life-guarding techniques in themselves, contingency plans are always already planned out ahead of time by Rincon Paddle Board Staff before beginning any tours or surf lessons. Know that you are in well trained and capable hands when you choose Rincon Paddleboards to have fun out in the water here in beautiful Rincon, Puerto Rico. Additional info here…

A full spectrum curriculum for ocean safety!

Extended training at the UPR with Ocean Rescue Caribbean Academy and CARICOOS.
The training program was very extensive and included some special extended training. The Ocean Rescue Caribbean Academy (ORCA), with the collaboration of Sea Grant Puerto Rico and the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (UPRM), offered a training course to local lifeguards to prepare them to ensure the life of those that entertain themselves at the beaches in Puerto Rico, particularly during summer season (high season for locals). Full Details Here…

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