29th Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit O’Neill Series

Corona Surf Contest in Rincon Puerto Rico

Surf Contest at Domes Beach, Rincon March 4-6, 2016

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Association Professional Surfing Puerto Rico (APSPR)
29th Edition of the Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit O’neill Series #3 coming up in Puerto Rico!

On the weekend of March 4 – 6 exciting pro surfing action returns to Puerto Rico at iconic Domes Beach in Rincon. Corona Extra and the event organizers will be hoping for some of the huge and challenging conditions that were seen at Domes in 2014, but maybe not quite that big! In that event, won by Gabe Kling, of Florida, the giant size of the surf forced organizers to assemble a team of personal watercraft who carried the surfers out into the lineup. Paddling out was simply not possible in the time limit of the 45 minute heats. “That was one of the most exciting contests I have ever been in” said Kling. ”Without the skis, I don’t think I would have even made it out”. Kling is also expected back this year.

Domes holds an historic place in surfing history, as it was the site of the 1968 World Surfing Championships, the first of the modern “Shortboard” era. Ironically, at that time in history there were no Puerto Rican surfers yet competing at that level. Puerto Rico was considered an exotic location, where few surfers had ever been. However, the quality surf that the world saw at that event soon opened a floodgate of traveling surfers to her shores. The surfers of the day from the East Coast mainland were particularly attracted to the Puerto Rican surf season, where they could escape their harsh winter cold. And so, the giant swells that are pushed southward by the cold fronts and tropical storms have remained the annual attraction that has lured international surfers to Puerto Rico for over fifty years.

The winner of that event in 1968, Fred Hemmings, of Hawaii, went on to become the promoter of the Hawaiian North Shore events. Those include the Pipe Masters, which concludes the World Tour schedule every year. We asked Mr. Hemmings to quote from his memories of that time: “I have fond memories of Puerto Rico in 1968. The waves for the Finals were 6-8 feet and superb. The waves of PR changed my life. Please extend my aloha to everyone there. Keep surfing … It is a wonderful life and treasured memories become very valuable as the years go on…Thank you Puerto Rico”!

The Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit, is endorsed by APSPR (Association Pro Surfing Puerto Rico) founded in 2001 by Werner Vega, surfboard shaper and owner of Hang Loose Surf Shop, in Isabela. “Since we began fifteen years ago, Corona Extra has been the biggest supporter of Puerto Rican pro surfers” said Mr. Vega. The continued support of Corona Extra shows a huge commitment to the sport and it’s athletes”.

This will be the 29th edition of the Corona Extra Pro Surf Circuit, and it will add up the points race to crown the 2015-2016 O’Neill Series Champions for both the men and women competitors and award the circuit champs with $1,000 each. The competition season consists of three events. Each has over $37,000 in prize money, with $25,000 allocated for the men and $12,000 for the women, which means that we will be able to pay the winner of the Men a first prize of $10,000. The Women’s champion will receive $5,000. Over $110,000 will be awarded in prize money to the surfers as the yearly champions are decided. A field of over 70 contestants is expected that will include competitors from US, Caribbean Islands, Central and South America.

The Men’s rankings are currently extremely close with Isabela, PR local Brian Toth in a tie for first with Asher Nolan, both with a total of 2,721 points. From Jacksonville, FL. Close behind the leaders are another three surfers all tied for third place; PR surfer Gabriel Escudero, Floridian Cody Thompson and Rafael Pereira, of Venezuela with 2,346 pts. each. Toth is a 4 times APSPR circuit champion, who would love to clinch another title. He is the most successful Puerto Rican surfer ever, having competed for several years on the international ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) World Tour, now WSL. “Traveling the world circuit is my career”, said Brian, “But I love the opportunity to compete at home in Puerto Rico”!

Nolan is also a previous Corona Extra champion. “I’m really looking forward to the event”, he said. “Domes is one of my favorite waves in PR. These events are always very difficult with the Puerto Ricans all wanting to win at their home break… and then you have some of the best surfers from US, Caribbean, Central and South America coming down as well to compete for the prize purse. It’s really great of Corona to put on these events for the surfers. There is always a great atmosphere with the huge turnout of the vocal fans on the beach. People really enjoy themselves In Puerto Rico”.

One of the local surfers who will be taking on Nolan is Darren Muschett, of Rincon. Who is also a previous event winner. “It’s always exciting to surf in the Corona contests here”, said Muschett. “They are the biggest and best events of the year for me, so I always look forward to competing in them! All of us thank APSPR, Werner and Vivianee Vega so much for organizing these events for all the surfers in PR”!

On the Women’s side of the draw, the current ratings leader and defending champ at Domes is Alexis Engstrom, 24, of Rincón P.R. who placed 3rd and 5th on the prior two events earning 3,255 pts. in second place is Emily Ruppert 20, of Indialantic Florida who placed 3rd and 5th on the first and second events earning a total of 2,346 pts. followed by Idalis Alvarado, 34 of Puerto Rico with 2,071 pts. Also expected to compete is Quincy Davis, 20, of Montauk, New York, who is the defending champ of Domes event in March 2015. Other top ranked female surfers among other local and international female surfers expected to compete are Cassidy Mc Clain, 20, of New Jersey, currently ranked 4th with 1,974 pts., Amanda Galasso, 25, of P.R., Brianne Vuyovich, 22, of N.C. , Bernice Cardona, 35 of P.R. and Nikki Viesins, 20, of Indialantic Fl. who placed 1st on last event at Middles

For entries: (Registration online)
“Entries can be paid using PayPal on our website www.apspr.net 
We do not have credit card payment method. If you do not have PayPal account, 
you can download the entry form from our website, mail it with payment to APSPR 
and pay with money order or cash. Personal checks are not accepted. All entries should 
be received with payment no later than 02/24/2016. Past 02/24/2016, a late entry fee of $35.00 will be charged. Entry deadline is 02/27/2016. Entries will not be accepted past 02/27/2016”, said Event Coordinator, Vivianee Vega
Corona Extra, O’neill and APSPR invite all the fans on the island to enjoy the best of surfing action coming soon to Domes Beach!

Thank you to all our sponsors: The generous sponsors of the 29th Edition of the Corona Extra Pro Circuit O’neill Series #3 are: Corona Extra, Corona Light, O’Neill, AT&T, Country Hearth, Jose Cuervo, El Nuevo Día, NPunto, Alfa Rock, Mundo Rad, Wapa TV, Mangos, Werner Vega Surfboards, Hang Loose Surf Shop, Pitorro.

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